The Monocacy Scenic River Citizens Advisory Board equally represents Carroll and Frederick counties with members appointed by the Carroll County Commissioners and the Frederick County Commissioners. The Board consults on a variety of activities within the Monocacy River Watershed in its role as an advocate for the River and its extended natural resources. The 10-member River Board was created in 1978 in response to the Monocacy River's 1974 designation as a State Scenic River. In 1982 the National Park Service determined that the Monocacy River is among the 5 percent of rivers across the nation eligible for designation as a National Scenic River.

The River Board's objectives, as outlined by the Monocacy Scenic River Management Plan, include:

  • Improving water quality
  • Helping maintain and restore the ecological health and productivity of the River
  • Encouraging land use compatibility and attention to environmentally sensitive areas to maximize conservation and use of riparian resources
  • Identifying and facilitating appropriate uses and alternative protective measures of significant scenic and ecological areas, historic and archaeological sites, and other valued resources
  • Providing resource information about the Monocacy watershed for local, state and federal governments, elected officials and the citizens of Carroll and Frederick counties
  • Developing multi-jurisdictional cooperation and coordination for the management and protection of the River corridor
  • Increasing public awareness about important river resource values through public relations and environmental education