What is community solar?

Community solar facilities are referred to as “community solar energy generating systems” or “CSEGS” in Maryland law.  A community solar facility allows a property owner to use solar energy as a power source without having to install or construct a facility on-site.  A community solar facility is a subscription-based service and power supply that provides a credit or reduction in your electric bill in exchange for a monthly subscription fee.  A property owner can subscribe to any community solar facility in your power company’s service area with available subscriptions.  The facility does not have to be located in Carroll County. 

Community Solar Moratorium Process

On March 9, 2023, the Board of County Commissioners adopted a six-month moratorium on the processing, review, permitting, and construction of community solar energy generating systems in the Agricultural Zone.  On March 23, 2023, the Board provided direction to staff on the desired applicability of Section 158.153(E), as well as direction to address the issues in the March 23, 2023, presentation (link below).

For more information regarding community solar in Carroll County or the moratorium process, contact Brenda Dinne at bdinne@carrollcountymd.gov or 410-386-2140.

The video of the discussion and decision is below.