Permit Memorandum of Agreement

The National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit is a program through the Environmental Protection Agency that requires jurisdictions to address water quality by performing tasks in the following areas:

Education/Outreach: Municipalities must inform citizens through the distribution of educational materials about the impact of pollution on water quality

Public Participation/Involvement: Municipalities must provide opportunities to involve citizens in program implementation and activities such as storm drain stenciling, stream clean-ups, and representative involvement

Illicit Discharge Protection/Elimination: Municipalities must develop and implement a plan to eliminate illicit discharges to the storm drain system, develop a system map of the storm drain network, and inform the community of hazards associated with improper disposal of waste

Construction Site Runoff Control: Municipalities must develop and enforce a pollution control program for construction activities that disturb one or more acres of land by implementing temporary sediment basins, detention ponds, and other stabilization

Post Construction Runoff Control: Municipalities must develop and enforce a program that addresses discharges of post–construction stormwater runoff from new development and redevelopment areas

Pollution Prevention: Municipalities must develop and implement a program to address pollution from municipal operations

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