Insure Your Property:

Flood insurance is required if you have a federally-backed mortgage for a home or business in the FEMA floodplain.  This fact sheet covers basic flood insurance information.  The unincorporated portion of Carroll County, as well as each of the individual towns and cities all participate in the National Flood Insurance Program. Information about the National Flood Insurance Program can be found here.  Even if you aren't within a FEMA floodplain, flood insurance should be strongly considered.  

The unincorporated portion of Carroll County also participates in the Community Rating System, which provide discounts for flood insurance premiums based on the jurisdiction reducing flood risk and educating the public about hazards.  Carroll County entered the program in 2007 as a Class 8 but was upgraded to a Class 7 in 2018.  This equates to a 15% discount in the cost of flood insurance premiums for policy holders in the FEMA floodplain.  This FEMA brochure provides additional information about flood insurance.  This brochure provides information about insurance for real estate professionals.