During the 1990 Legislative Session, the State of Maryland passed the Forest Conservation Act which was intended to stem the annual loss of over 10,000 acres of forest within Maryland. Pursuant to the Maryland Forest Conservation Act, Sections 5-1601 of the Natural Resources Article of the Annotated Code of Maryland, the Carroll County Board of Commissioners adopted a comprehensive local Forest Conservation Program. This involved the adoption of the Code of Public Local Laws & Ordinances of Carroll County, Maryland, Chapter 150, Forest Conservation Ordinance and an accompanying Forest Conservation Manual. Both the Code and the Manual were drafted by a subcommittee of the Carroll County Environmental Affairs Advisory Board (EAAB).

Chapter 150 was enacted to conserve forests in Carroll County. Forests and individual trees greatly contribute to the quality of life in the County and the health of its natural ecosystems. The County’s economic health also depends heavily on its natural resources, of which forests are a major component. Forests play a vital role in the improvement and maintenance of water, soil, and air quality. Forests also provide habitat for wildlife, and recreational opportunities and resources for people.

The intent of the Ordinance is not to place unreasonable restrictions on development or to hinder managed timber harvests; it aims to maximize the benefits of forests in a cooperative effort with development, thereby slowing the loss of forested land in the County and improving the environment of both developed and undeveloped areas.

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