In 2004, the Carroll County Board of Commissioners developed a committee to create a landscape ordinance and revise the existing landscape manual. As a result, the Code of Public Local Laws & Ordinances of Carroll County, Maryland, Chapter 157 , Landscape Enhancement of Development was adopted November 4, 2004 along with an accompanying Landscape Manual.

The purpose of Chapter 157 is to enhance all new residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional development in Carroll County through the establishment and ongoing maintenance of prescribed landscaping. The purpose of the requirement is to promote the aesthetic and environmental enhancement of new development. The provision of landscape requirements for new development effectively adds intrinsic value to the landscape in many ways, including:

  1. The preservation and enhancement of the aesthetic value of Carroll County’s landscape;
  2. The augmentation of a sense of community in new development by visually tying properties together;
  3. The creation of a sense of place by using trees and other vegetation to define space and to buffer incompatible uses;
  4. The moderation of the impact of wind, temperature, rainfall, frost, and other climatic elements;
  5. The effective conservation of energy use through that moderation;
  6. The enhancement of property values by providing amenities to development design.

If additional information is needed, please contact the Bureau of Resource Management at 410-386-2712.