The purpose of Chapter 154 , Water Resource Management, is to protect the quality and quantity of ground and surface water resources in Carroll County. The Code, adopted in 2004, established management standards and design criteria for land use subsequent to review; standards for review of development activities; enforcement procedures for pollution violations; and requirements for the protection of existing and future water resources.

Water Resource Management largely focuses on the protection of streams, ponds, and wetlands through the implementation of buffers and easements. Water Resource Protection Easements provide a buffer to the stream system from adjacent land use and provide many benefits to the stream, watershed, or drainage area in which it resides. Benefits include filtering runoff, stabilization, nutrient uptake, moderating stream temperatures, and providing wildlife corridors. Each Deed of Easement defines permitted and restricted activities within the established easement. Restricted activities prohibited by the easements are soil disturbance; storing or dumping of materials; composting or broadcast spreading of yard waste; storing, maintaining, or operating motorized vehicles; housing or otherwise maintaining domestic animals; and burning of vegetation. Water Resource easements are inspected once every few years to ensure compliance.

Water Resource Management also addresses wellhead protection areas, aquifer protection areas, surface watershed management areas, carbonate rock areas, streams, ponds and wetlands. Chapter 154 specifically addresses management standards and design criteria implemented for regulated substance use, sale, maintenance and storage within Water Resource Management areas; safeguards used to demonstrate that the integrity of water resources will not be altered by proposed activities; and protection of well and potential well sites with a 200 foot buffer requirement.

Water Resource Management also reviews proposed development plans to define Water Resource Management areas, delineate all water resource environmental features, and identify watershed protection measures that apply to development.

If additional information is needed, please contact the Bureau of Resource Management at 410-386-2712.