The Carroll County Board of Commissioners Adopted the 2018 Freedom Community Comprehensive Plan on October 10, 2018. This plan is an update of the county’s 2001 Freedom Community Comprehensive Plan. It is a culmination of approximately 3 years, and thousands of hours, of work by the Board of County Commissioners, Planning and Zoning Commission members and county staff. The update of the 2001 Freedom Community Comprehensive Plan is following the recently Adopted 2014 Carroll County Master Plan.

The 2018 Freedom Community Comprehensive Plan is the framework for land use, growth management, agricultural policies, economic development, water resources, natural environmental resources, community facilities and services, and recreational resources for the greater Eldersburg/Sykesville area. Supplementing the update is the 2014 Approved Freedom Bicycle-Pedestrian Master Plan & Assessment.

Priority Implementation Steps of this Plan are to:

  • Complete the update to the county’s Zoning Code within 18 months of Adoption of this Plan. For more information visit
  • Encourage and engage a citizens’ community advisory group.
  • Review and revise development review requirements to ensure consistency with county plans.
  • Conduct a comprehensive traffic study for the Freedom area.
  • Update the Carroll County Water and Sewer Master Plan.
  • Encourage participation on Planning Commission by citizens in the Freedom DGA.

Summary of Recommendations Status Update

Implementation of this plan and future updates to the plan should reflect the realities of the County CIP.

For more information or questions regarding the Plan, please contact the Department of Planning at or by calling 410-386-5145.

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Existing and future land use designations are not regulatory instruments. Please refer to the current zoning of property for uses allowed in that zoning district. The comprehensive rezoning of a property will be based on the future land use designation as identified in the Freedom Community Comprehensive Plan.

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