By Request Residential Timeline:

September 1st          Application submittal

September/October  Staff Review

October 20th              Planning Commission Introduction - Full PC Meeting
                                    PowerPoint Presentation

November 4th            Planning Commission Discussion and Recommendations
November 17th          Planning  Commission Discussion and Recommendations

*This timeline is subject to change given the current COVID-19 situation and County Office operations.

TBD:                         Forward to the Board of County Commissioners and Board of County Commissioners Adoption

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Individual Assessments - Staff Reports: 

R20-05-2020-0040 Zabel Property - Revised 10/23/2020

R20-05-2020-0041 Zabel Property - Revised 10/23/2020

R20-05-2020-0042 Beaty Property - Revised 10/23/2020