The results are in for the Freedom Sewer Interest Survey.   We would like to thank all those that participated .  Please click here to scroll through the survey analysis. We will continue to analyze the data and work with the community on this important issue. 

The purpose of this survey
The majority of Carroll County’s residential development is on well water and onsite sewage disposal systems (septic).  While this method of wastewater disposal is ideal for large lot subdivisions, it may not always be suitable for smaller lot sizes, especially in Carroll’s nine designated growth areas.  Looking toward the future and possibility of connecting these older systems on small lot sizes  Carroll County is in the early stages of investigating the interest of property owners that have older systems on smaller lot sizes (less than 2-acres).  To gauge this interest Carroll County government is reaching out to residential property owners in the Freedom Area on septic systems, less than 2-acres and built before 1990.  

Map of survey target area: