Department of Planning Staff

Department of Planning Staff

Planning Administration

Planning Director

Director - Lynda Eisenberg - Ms. Eisenberg directs the overall planning and development program under the auspices of the Carroll County Planning & Zoning Commission and serves as Secretary to the Commission. She is the County's empowered representative for the Baltimore Regional Transportation Board, represents Carroll County on the Heart of the Civil War Heritage Area board and the Maryland Association of Counties Planning Directors Affiliate.

Lynda Eisenberg or 410-386-5145.

Planning Manager – Mary Lane - Ms. Lane oversees planning staff in daily activities. She is responsible for Zoning Code revisions and the comprehensive rezoning effort, as well as other legislative efforts. She is also responsible for leading the County's Transportation Master Plan and the County’s projects for the long-range regional transportation plan. Ms. Lane represents Carroll County on the Technical Committee for the Baltimore Regional Transportation Board and she represents the Department on the County’s Transit Advisory Committee.

Mary Lane or 410-386-5145.

Administrative Assistant - Laura Bavetta - Ms. Bavetta assumes chief responsibility for coordinating the business calendar for the Planning Director; performs numerous administrative assignments delegated by the Director; and coordinates the scheduling of agenda items for the Department with the County Commissioners' Office. This position also serves as the Clerk to the Carroll County Planning & Zoning Commission, preparing and distributing Planning Commission meeting agendas, attending Planning Commission meetings, and preparing related correspondence and minutes.

Laura Bavetta or 410-386-2132

Office Associate  - Kathy Joy - Ms. Joy provides administrative assistance and support for the Department of Planning. She is responsible for all clerical activities within the Department.  Ms. Joy also greets citizens and refers them to the appropriate staff.

Kathy Joy or 410-386-5145

Meet the Planning Staff

Comprehensive Planner – Clare Stewart 

  • Geographic Areas: Town of Sykesville: Election Districts 4, 5 and 14.
  • Planning Processes: Annexation petitions, Zoning Map Amendments
  • Lead Planner: Carroll County Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan; Sustainable Communities
  • Committees and Commissions: Regional Bicycle-Pedestrian Advisory Group for the Baltimore Regional Transportation Board; Finksburg Planning and Citizens’ Council; Mason Dixon Task Force.

Clare Stewart or 410-386-2258

Comprehensive Planner - Price Wagoner 

  • Geographic Areas: Towns of Hampstead, Manchester, New Windsor; Election Districts 6, 8 and 11.
  • Planning Processes: Water and Sewer Planning, Triennial Update, Semi-Annual  and Special Amendments. 
  • Lead Planner: Agricultural Preservation and Agricultural Zoning
  • Committees and Commissions: Forthcoming

Price Wagoner or 410-386-2064.

Comprehensive Planner – Kaitlyn N. Harvey

  • Geographic Areas: City of Taneytown and Town of Union Bridge; Election Districts 1, 2, 3, 10 and 12.
  • Planning Processes: State Clearinghouse referrals
  • Planner:  Countywide Transportation Master Plan
  • Committees and Commissions: County Traffic Team

Kaitlyn Harvey or 410-386-2141

Planning Technician – Hannah Weber

  • Geographic Areas: Towns of Mount Airy and Union Bridge and City of Westminster; Election Districts 9,10, 12 and 13.
  • Planning Processes: Historic Preservation and National Environmental Policy Act (106) reviews for the Department. Zoning Administrator Reviews.
  • Planner:  Master Plan implementation; Comprehensive Rezoning effort.
  • Committees and Commissions: Board of Zoning Appeals Planning Liaison; Historic Preservation Commission Liaison.

Hannah Weber or 410-386-2139

Planning /GIS Technician – Kathleen Comber 

  • Responsibilities: This position prepares maps and GIS data for various planning projects.
  • Planning Projects: Annual Planning Report
  • Planning Processes: Demographic Data, Monthly Demographic Reports
  • Committees and Commissions: Cooperative Forecasting Group for the Baltimore Regional Transportation Board

Kathleen Comber or 410-386-2023

Planners' Geographic Areas of Responsibility

Planners' Geographic Areas of Responsibility