As you may be aware on Monday 3/30/20 Governor Larry Hogan has announced more extreme measures to promote social distancing due to the COVID-19 Virus. To continue operating while providing county staff, citizens and contractors the safest environment, we’ve added precautionary measures to our 3/16/20 notification. 

  1. No residential renovations, additions, or finished basement inspections in occupied homes will be physically performed. The Chief Inspector may allow alternate inspection and/or temporary use and occupancy until the current pandemic is cleared.
  2. Electrical service inspection requests will be on a case by case basis. Management staff will evaluate the request and determine if an inspection is necessary at this time.
  3. There will be no inspections at health care facilities, nursing homes, daycares, and hospitals.
  4. Staff may consider using live video inspections under certain conditions and for specific requests.
  5. In some cases, contractor certification will be sufficient for the user to occupy or use the permitted item until such time as an inspection can be scheduled and performed.
  6. Inspection staff will have the ability to refuse to enter a site should they feel it is unsafe to their own health and welfare. Staff will consider all alternatives to complete the inspection.
  7. Any inspection requested for a new home or commercial sites that requires entry into an enclosed structure will require the area under construction to be unoccupied for a period of 24 hours prior to the inspection occurring. This includes framing, insulation, sprinkler, electric and plumbing rough-ins and all final inspections. At no time will the inspector enter an occupied area.
  8. All other permit types being inspected will require the inspection area to be vacated upon the inspector’s arrival.

These additional measures are being implemented to provide safety to all parties involved during this time of uncertainty. We appreciate your assistance in ensuring we all can continue construction and operations during this tough time. Any inspections that can be delayed should until such time as the Governor lifts the current order.

For any questions please contact the office at 410-386-2674

Thank you for your understanding and stay safe

Permits and Inspections staff