Due to the proximity to the airport and FAA regulations, the use of remote control aircraft and model rockets shall not be permitted by the public at the following (5) County parks:

Westminster Community Pond                   Bennett Cerf Park                           Landon C. Burns Park
Carroll County Sports Complex                  Hashawha Environmental Center

Use of remote control aircraft and model rockets will not be permitted over the following areas in County parks:

  • Directly over playgrounds
  • Directly over boating activity
  • Directly over picnic areas
  • Directly over athletic fields when activities are underway
  • Near any protected wildlife species, in active wildlife nesting or breeding areas

Use of remote control aircraft and model rockets will be allowed at all other County parks only if approved by the Department of Recreation and Parks with a signed permit. The request for a permit must include the named park, specific area, date and time of usage and must be accompanied by a certificate of insurance in the amount of $1 million. Permits will only be granted after the applicant provides proof of registration of the unmanned aircraft. All usage must be consistent with permission granted in the permit and the aircraft must remain within visual line of sight at all times.

Print Application Here.