Carroll County’s parks have many, many trees that provide benefits to people and wildlife. Some of these trees are truly TREEmendous! We are highlighting 5 of our park trees in our new TREEmendous program! Not only can you learn more about each type of tree such as its age, uses, and wildlife benefits but also what was going on in the word when they were planted.

We encourage you to visit these special trees and take a minute to share your thoughts and what you like about them. Send us a picture of you posing with the tree. Even better, if you ever wanted to ask a tree a question, this is your chance. By using the latest technology known as TREEmail, you can send a message directly to one or more of the trees below. Please include your name, age and comment or question in your TREEmail and wait for a response.

Hashawha Environmental Center
Ask the White Oak Tree a Question
Location: Hashawha Environmental Center
(near Martin Cabin)
GPS-39.651835, -76.991704

Leister Park
Ask the Magnolia Tree a Question
Location: Leister Park
(near pavilion)
GPS-39.607234, -76.845012


Bennett Cerf Park
Ask the Pignut Hickory Tree a Question
Location: Bennett Cerf Park
(near single table pavilion by dog park)
GPS-39.586191, -76.977598


Piney Run Park
Ask the Sycamore Tree a Question
Location: Piney Run Park
(near boat ramp and Great Blue Heron sculpture)
GPS-39.398301, -76.985859

Freedom Park
Ask the Black Walnut Tree a Question
Location: Freedom Park
(near swings in middle of park)
GPS-39.365787 , -76.955905


This fun and educational activity is designed especially for young children, but we would love to hear from all ages (including those who are young at heart). 
Have fun, get outside and we hope you enjoy this TREEmendous new program and look forward to hearing from you!