COVID-19 & Recreation Council Youth Sports Information

  1. To the extent possible, individuals engaged in the sport shall wear a face covering. Face coverings are not recommended when outside on very hot days due to the risk of heat injury. (ex. When the heat index is 90 degrees or higher.)
  2. Face coverings shall be worn by all coaches at all times as well as players walking to/from athletic fields and while on sidelines.
  3. Face coverings shall be worn by all spectators which remain limited to family only during youth sports
  4. In light of the CDC’s classification of tackle football, basketball and wrestling as high risk activities, CC Recreation & Parks will not be sponsoring or permitting competition in these recreation council youth sports until further notice.  Skills & drills or conditioning only versions of these activities (with no competition) will be permitted.  Flag football will be allowed as an alternative to tackle football.
  5. Carroll County Recreation and Parks is actively discouraging play outside of Carroll County and restricting travel of recreation council sponsored youth sports programs to a 30 mile radius from their home community.
  6. All recreation council youth sports teams must provide a complete roster including team name, players, coaches, and contact info to CC Recreation & Parks to support effective contact tracing efforts should they become necessary.
  7. Additional actions such as spreading out game and practice schedules to result in less simultaneous usage of sites by large groups of people is highly recommended where possible.


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