Location: 003 of the County Office Building


Planning & Zoning Commission of Carroll County, MD

May 21 2019

9:00 a.m.

Reagan Room (003)


The Planning Commission requests that all those in attendance who wish to address the Planning & Zoning Commission first register on the Sign-in sheet.  Further, we insist that all speakers be recognized by the presiding officer before they address the Planning Commission.  Microphones are provided for those wishing to bring business before the body.  Time limits may be established in instances where multiple speakers wish to be heard.  Adherence to these rules will facilitate timely meetings, ensure orderly processes, promote opportunities for public discourse and allow more citizens to present their views.


  1. Call to Order/Welcome


  1. Establishment of Quorum


  1. Pledge of Allegiance


  1. Review and Approval of Agenda


  1. Review and Approval of Minutes (April 9, 2019)


  1. Commission Member Reports
  2. Commission Chair
  3. Ex-Officio Member
  4. Other Commission Members


  1. Administrative Report (Lynda Eisenberg)
  2. Administrative Matters
  3. Extensions
  4. BZA Cases
  5. Other






  1. Special Report

            Carroll Community Bank (formerly First Mariner Bank, S-07-001) – Owner/Developer: Carroll     Community Bank, 1321 Liberty Rd., Eldersburg, MD 21784; located at 1010 Baltimore Blvd,             Westminster 21157; Tax Map 46 Grid 16 Parcel 121; E.D.7 – CONSIDERATION ON         PROPOSED NEW FREESTANDING SIGN.


  1. Recess



  1. Special Report

Winfield Medical Center (S-87-042) – Owner/Developer: Winfield Medical Center LLC,

1200 W. Old Liberty Road, Sykesville, MD 21784; located at 1200 W. Old Liberty Road; Tax Map 67 Grid 3 Parcel 443; E.D.14 – CONSIDERATION ON PROPOSED NEW FREESTANDING PYLON SIGN.


  1. Special Report

AP-18-0076 Amended Plat of Remaining Portion of My Ladies Manor and Remaining Portion of My Ladies Manor II- Owner of Remaining Portions:  My Ladies Manor, LLC, Robert Fischer 2971 Bird View Road, Westminster, MD  21157, located at 2971 Bird View Road; Tax Map 58 Grid 23 Parcel 633 and Tax Map 58 Grid 17 Parcel 119; E.D. 4 – CONSIDERATION ON PROCESSING AN AMENDED PLAT.


  1. Public Comment


  1. Adjournment



Next Meeting:

Wednesday, May 29th  6:00 p.m. – Reagan Room