Location: Carroll County Office Building Room 105

1. Call to Order
2. Approval of Meeting Minutes December 6th, 2018 & March 7th, 2019 SWAC meeting (no quorum at the March 7th meeting)
3. Announcements from the Chair
          Polystyrene Ban
          Bag Ban Westminster
          Longevity of our committee
4. Presentation Nelson Widell (Anaerobic Digestion)
5. Staff Liaison Report Jeff Castonguay
          New Solid Waste Bureau Chief Stephen Blake
6. Old Business
          Update FuTuRe Pilot Program
          SWAC Presentation?
          New Member for SWAC?
7. New Business
           Legislation this session
           Terms up Bob, Ellen, and Don
           The regular term period is 3 years. The limit on number of terms is 3.
8. Future Topics for Discussion?
9. Adjourn Next Meeting: Thursday, September 5th, 2019