Location: VFW Post #467, 519 Poole Road, Westminster

I. Welcome and Introductions
a. Chair’s Comments (Marc Fisher)
b. Pledge of Allegiance (Elaine May Stem leading)
c. Commissioner’s Report (Commissioner Weaver/Commissioner Rothstein)
II. Old Business
a. Establishment of a quorum
b. Approval of June 2019 Minutes (Marc Fisher)
c. Monthly Program Reports (Brief Summary and Monthly Numbers Served)
i. Veteran’s Program Coordinators’ Reports (Veteran Services staff)
ii. Veteran’s Shuttle Report (Lisa Watkins)
iii. Update on Employment initiatives for Veterans (John Veney)
d. Update on Veteran Direct Home and Community Based Services Program Grant
(Veteran Services staff)
e. Update on Veteran Services Program Grant (Veteran Services Staff)
f. Update on Veteran Independence Project (Ed Cramer/Frank Valenti)
g. Update on Friends of Disabled American Veterans in Carroll County (Bill Murphy)
h. Executive Committee – Update
III. New Business
a. Updates from Maryland Department of Veterans Affairs (Phil Munley)
IV. Announcements