Contact:     Andrew C. Watcher, Chief
Carroll County Bureau of Utilities, (410) 386-2164

Westminster, MD, Monday, April 29, 2019 – The Carroll County Bureau of Utilities is pleased to announce that bulk water is now available for purchase at the Linton Water Tank site, located at 354 Ronsdale Road in Sykesville, MD. This water is accessible to any contractor requiring water for construction, landscaping, pool servicing or other needs and has the equipment necessary for transportation.   A computerized access system installed at this location to allow 24-hour access to the bulk water service.  A standard 3-inch water hose connection is provided at the tank site.  

The county’s Bureau of Accounting will create an account for any contractor interested in this service upon approval of a credit application and receipt of a $100 deposit for access cards to the tank site.  Contractors may request multiple access cards for the same account number.  Each card will be provided with an individual pin number for tracking purposes.  Bureau of Utilities personnel will be available to provide any necessary training regarding the water filling process.

Accounts will be billed on a quarterly basis.  The quarterly bill will include the 3-inch ready-to-serve fee of $100.54 in addition to any usage on the account.  Usage fees are billed as $6.74 per thousand for 0-10,000 gallons; $6.87 per thousand for 10,001-30,000 gallons; and, $7.02 per thousand for usage above 30,000 gallons.  A $10 late fee applies to all accounts paid after the due date and any account with two or more delinquent bills will be terminated.

For additional information regarding the process to establish an account for bulk water, please contact the Bureau of Accounting at (410) 386-2000, Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00 am and 4:30 pm.  Once an account is established, accounting will create the requested access cards. 

Finally, be advised that the Linton Water Tank site is the only permissible location within the Carroll County Department of Public Works’ service areas to legally draw bulk water.  Connection to fire hydrants is illegal and will not be tolerated.  The county reserves the right to pursue criminal charges and/or civil penalties for theft of water from the county’s distribution system. Please review the county’s Water Theft Policy for more information.