Contact: Maria T. Myers, Recycling Manager

Westminster, MD, Monday, July 8, 2019 – Recycling is an important process in any community. As recycling processes evolve, they may become more complicated and new rules are frequently put into place.  In an effort to communicate more effectively with Carroll County citizens, the Recycling Office prepared a list of dos and don’ts.  One of the most effective rules to remember is, WHEN IN DOUBT, THROW IT OUT.  Including non-recyclable material can result in damage to the recycling equipment or contamination thereby causing an entire of batch of recycling to be landfilled rather than recycled.  

Please review the following dos and don’ts as they relate to recycling.


  1. Check local recycling requirements
  2. Recycle plastic bags and wraps separately and deliver to collection areas of local grocery and retail stores
  3. Try to reuse or donate items that are not recyclable
  4. Leave lids on containers and caps on bottles
  5. Crush plastic bottles, milk jugs and milk and juice containers to conserve space in your bin
  6. Recycle newspapers, magazines, phone books, paperbacks, household papers, junk mail and cardboard
  7. Recycle all jars and bottles (clear and colored)
  1. Wash out cans and bottles before putting in bin


  1. Bag your recycling – put it loose in your bin
  2. Recycle food – food is compostable but not recyclable
  3. Include bags and plastic film materials/cellophane/bubble wrap – (throw this in trash or return to a local retail store)
  4. Recycle a food contaminated or oily pizza box
  5. Recycle toxic containers (paint, oil, gas, antifreeze, pesticides, etc.)
  6. Put yard waste in recycling
  7. Recycle aluminum foil or foil plates, foam containers or packaging
  8. Recycle soiled paper or boxes
  9. Recycle mirrors, glass, lightbulbs, drinking glasses, ceramics or cookware




More information regarding Carroll County recycling programs may be found on the county website and a guide to Waste Management and Recycling is also available