Contact:  Lynda Eisenberg

Westminster, MD, Thursday, July 18, 2019 - Today, during Open Session, the Carroll County Board of Commissioners (BOC) viewed a presentation from the Carroll County Department of Planning reviewing the Carroll County 2018 Planning Annual Report.

Planning Director Lynda Eisenberg presented the report noting its purposes which include: state requirement for calendar year activity in planning and development; subdivision and site plan approval; water/sewer amendments; changes to comprehensive plan/plan amendments; and mid-cycle review of comprehensive plans in-between the 10-year update period. The 2018 report highlights new comprehensive plans and adopted plan elements, residential and commercial permit activity, approved site plans, existing and potential developable residential and commercial/industrial lots, and agricultural land preservation activity.

In coordination with Carroll’s eight municipalities and numerous county departments, background work began on the document in January. The document was adopted by the Carroll County Planning and Zoning Commission at their June 18th meeting and approved by all eight municipal Planning Commissions. The document was forwarded to the Maryland Department of Planning on July 1st.

Commissioner Ed Rothstein, Vice President said, “This successful collaborative effort with the county, municipalities and community cannot be understated, and continued cooperation is important for smooth implementation of a united vision for the county.”

The report is available on the county’s website with hard copies available at the Department of Planning office. Hard copies will be available in the county libraries and senior centers in the near future.

Open session is available for viewing on the county meeting portal and the county YouTube channel. In addition, all meetings will be replayed on Comcast Channel 24.