The Carroll County Bureau of Utilities shut water service off at 9 am today to approximately 38 homes to do an emergency repair to a leaking water valve on Stillwater Road.

Homes starting at the intersection of Oklahoma Road and Stillwater Road continuing down to the intersection of Washita Road and Stillwater Road, including homes on Frontier Court and Guthrie Court will be without water during the shutdown.

Water is expected to be off until about 4 pm until repairs are completed.

Once service has been restored, residents may experience cloudy water lasting up to an hour. Turning the cold water tap on and running water for several minutes will clear the lines. It is recommended that residents refrain from using high water volume appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers, etc., during periods of cloudy water or low pressure.

If you have any questions regarding this emergency repair, please call the Bureau of Utilities office at 410-386-2164.