The Civil War Goes Green


The world’s largest open-air museum has gone green.

After intense research, field testing, and patience, the team at Civil War Trails, Inc. have designed and sourced materials that are now 100% recyclable.

The Trails team closed out 2018 by recycling 1.5 tons of acrylic that will be reconstituted into the UV resistant sheeting which is used for sign panels. Some 682 pounds of aluminum from old pedestals also was recycled — not counting the parts the team reused in the field.

For these efforts, Civil War Trails was accepted into the Maryland Green Registry, administered by the Maryland Department of the Environment. “The Maryland Green Registry includes organizations of all types and sizes across the state. Members share their sustainable practices and results to inspire others to take practical, proven steps that protect the environment and reduce costs,” explained Laura Armstrong, Director for the Sustainability Program of the Maryland Department of the Environment. The Trails team hopes that their efforts will set a new standard for museums, parks, and municipalities nationwide.

This success has motivated Civil War Trails to seek a green certification in other states. The team also is continuing conversations with vehicle manufacturers about producing a hybrid pickup truck tough enough to help maintain the open air museum.

The Civil War Trails program connects visitors to more than 1,600 sites across five states in one consistently branded program. The program’s signature signs bring the modern landscape to life as visitors stand in the footsteps of soldiers, citizens, and those fighting to gain their freedom.

“These important historical sites draw many visitors each year, and we appreciate the Civil War Trails commitment to sustainable tourism in Maryland,” said Armstrong. Each Civil War Trails site is marketed internationally by state tourism offices, destination marketing organizations, and municipal partners. The program continues to attract visitors and provide revenue to local jurisdictions.

To find out more about the Maryland Green Registry visit their website at: or call (410) 537-4119. To find out more about the Civil War Trails program or to plan your Maryland Civil War Trails trip visit or call (757) 378-5462.