On Sunday September 29, 2019, between 8:00 AM and 10:30AM the Westminster Road Runners Club will be sponsoring a half marathon run on/in the area of Old Bachmans Valley, Lemmon, Sullivan, Beggs, Old Fridinger Mill, and Fridinger Mill Roads.
The following roadways will be utilized for the event and will remain open to traffic, however motorists should use caution and be aware of these other roadway users: Old Bachman Valley Road from the intersection of Lemmon Road to Fridinger Mill Road; Lemmon Road; Sullivan Road from the intersection of Lemmon Road to Beggs Road; Beggs Road; Old Fridinger Mill Road; and Fridinger Mill Road from the intersection of Old Fridinger Mill Road to Old Bachmans Valley Road.
Motorists are asked to use alternate routes to avoid delays. The Westminster Road Runners Club thanks motorists for their patience and cooperation and reminds them to use caution while driving through these areas.