Westminster, MD, Wednesday, July 8, 2020 – In an act of supreme caution, added to the uncertainty of the status of the COVID-19 pandemic in the fall, the Carroll County Board of Commissioners is postponing the Celebrating 75,000 Acres Preserved & Growing event currently scheduled for this October. The new date is Saturday, October 16, 2021, from 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM at the Carroll County Farm Museum. 

The event will feature a ceremony, other related special events, and attractions recognizing this agricultural preservation accomplishment. The community committee will continue planning the celebration and will reveal more details closer to the event.

Operating since 1980, Carroll County’s Agricultural Land Preservation effort is the most successful in the State of Maryland, preserving more farms and more acres through the purchase of land preservation easements than any other county in Maryland. Carroll County’s program also ranks among the nation’s top five similar programs administered by local governments in the United States.

Late this year or early next year, our nationally renowned land preservation effort will reach the important milestone of 75,000 acres permanently preserved! This is three-quarters of the way toward the long-established goal of preserving 100,000 acres to secure a successful future for our farm community and economy. A new piece, outlining the importance and benefits of agricultural land preservation named, “Why Should I Support and Encourage Agricultural Land Preservation in Carroll County?” is now available.

Information about the event can be found on the county’s webpage https://celebratingagpres.carrollcountymd.gov/. Updates will be announced closer to the event.  For more information about the Celebrating 75,000 Acres Preserved & Growing event, please contact Brenda Dinne by emailing bdinne@carrollcountymd.gov or calling 410-386-2140.