Westminster, MD, Wednesday, April 1, 2020 – The Carroll County Board of Commissioners (BOC) reminds all Carroll County residents that today is Census Day and emphasizes the importance of everyone completing the 2020 Census.  

"While so much of our attention is working together to combat this virus, we can’t forget it’s more important than ever that we all do our part to ensure each of us is counted in the 2020 Census," states BOC President Stephen Wantz. “Census data is used to determine federal funding for hospitals, emergency services, public safety, schools and transportation, in addition to many other essential services.”  

The 2020 Census is important, easy and safe. Every Carroll County resident who goes uncounted will cost the county approximately $18,250 in local funding over 10 years. This census is the first digital census and can be completed in three ways...online, by phone and by mail.  Don’t forget, everyone, including newborns and young children should be counted.  Census information is kept confidential and does not ask citizenship, social security numbers, income, bank or credit card information. Residents should have received invitations to complete the questionnaire in the mail.

“Complete your census today,” Board Vice President Ed Rothstein continued, “An accurate count for every person in Carroll County ensures we receive the best federal and state funding for our community as well as fair representation in Congress and the Maryland Legislature; a low count results in less funding for important programs and services and hurts the county’s planning activities.”

For more information, please visit the county’s census webpage at census.carollcountymd.gov or call the Carroll County Census Office at 410-386-2512.

Go to my2020census.gov to complete your survey today!