Contact: Lynda Eisenberg, Director of Planning

Westminster, MD, Tuesday, September 1, 2020 – The Carroll County Planning and Zoning Commission is continuing discussions of the By-Request comprehensive rezoning of properties starting on Wednesday, September 2nd, during a regularly scheduled work session. By-Request properties are those where the property owner is requesting a change in zoning to a commercial, industrial or employment campus district as part of the Master Plan implementation.

In order to carefully consider each property and the comments received to date, the Commission is hosting three discussion meetings in September.  The Department of Planning sent 450 letters to properties that adjoin or are in the vicinity of these requested properties with an invitation to comment. Prior to any public hearing with the Board of County Commissioners, the requested properties will be posted and a postcard with the public hearing information will be sent again to these properties. 

Below is a complete schedule of the Planning Commission meetings. To participate, please refer to the agendas when they are posted on the following webpage:

September 2nd at 6:00 p.m.:       Planning Commission Discussion and Recommendations for the By-Request Properties from the July 21, 2020 meeting; name and property reference numbers below:

K&P Resource Recovery LLC (AKA Kennell Properties), I1-04-2020-0008, EC-04-2020- 0009, C3-04-2020-0012, I2-04-2020- 0013 ABAR Partnership (AKA Legacy School) EC-14-2020-0001

Carroll County Government (AKA Dulaney Properties) EC-14-2020-0025

Long Meadow Farm 21784, LLC (AKA Beatty) C2-05-2020-0028

Deborah Stockdale C2-14-2020-0004

Buckman Associates, LLC C2-05-2020-0031

Onofrio Cimino Trustee C2-05-2020-0032


September 15th at 9:00 a.m.:    Planning Commission Discussion and Recommendations for the By-Request Properties from the August 5, 2020 meeting; name and property reference numbers below:

Michael Wedekind, I2-14-2020-0003

Gerard Hollen, I1-14-2020-0021

Hale & Helen Stonesifer, C2-07-2020-0005

Sarah Eveler, C2-14-2020-0006

SMO Inc., (AKA Jiffy Mart) C2-04-2020-0010

Tevis Real Estate Inc., C2-04-2020-0011

Dana Kyker, Jr., C2-07-2020-0024

Mary Jane Graf, TR (AKA Tragers Automotive), C2-06-2020-0015

844 Professional Center Condominium, Inc., C3-07-2020-0017

Bokeh IV, LLC, C2-07-2020-0022


September 30th at 6:00 p.m.      Planning Commission Discussion and Recommendations for the By-Request Properties from the August 18, 2020 meeting, name and property reference number below:

Colburn/Hulver/Bay, EC-13-2020-0030

Melvin Laney I2-09-2020-0018

Roy D. Poole, I2-04-2020-0029

Playtime Corporation, C1-04-2020-0007

97 Crab House LLC (AKA Maryland Mallet), C2-03-2020-0020

Finch Farm Services, Inc., I2-11-2020-0023

North Carroll Community School, C1-03-2020-0027

JEMS Investment LLC, C2-04-2020-0019

MAD Properties Enterprises, C2-09-2020-0014

Fogle Properties, I1-05-2020-0016


The actions by the Commission do not change the zoning; however, it is a necessary step in the comprehensive rezoning process.

For more information, to join the email list and to leave a comment please go to

   *This timeline is subject to change given the current COVID-19 situation and county office operations.

TBD:                                  Board of County Commissioners Adoption

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