Westminster, MD, Thursday, May 21, 2020 – During Open Session today, the Carroll County Board of Commissioners asked local county business owners, who remain unopen or with limited services, to contact them with scenarios of how their business operation is similar to a business operation which is currently allowed to be open. The business should send an email to commissioners@carrollcountymd.gov specifically describing how their business model is similar and how they can adapt their business model to meet the state’s guidelines for the safety of customers and employees.

After the commissioners discussed the need to help county businesses open as soon as possible and noting that many unopened businesses are similar to those that are open, the board voiced their determination to gather information from businesses specifically identifying these comparisons. The commissioners will compile a list from the specifics sent by business owners and use their contacts within the state to advocate for more reopenings.

Businesses who believe their business is comparable to those already open should email their specific comparison information to commissioners@carrollcountymd.gov as soon as possible.  Those without email may contact 410-386-2043 during business hours.