Westminster, MD, Tuesday, November 24, 2020 – The Carroll County Board of Commissioners will host a virtual public hearing on Thursday, December 3, 2020 beginning at 7:00 pm to gather resident feedback on properties considered for rezoning as part of the county’s comprehensive rezoning process.

The public is encouraged to participate in the public hearing to comment on properties currently being considered for rezoning to commercial, industrial or employment campus designations.  

The public hearing will be held in a virtual environment.  To participate in the sessions and offer comment, please sign up using the “click here to sign-up” button on the county’s comprehensive rezoning webpage. Properties will be introduced one at a time in numerical order.  Commenters will be invited to speak on their property of interest in the order in which they signed-up to comment.   Each speaker will have three minutes to speak regarding the comprehensive rezoning.

This hearing is only regarding the following properties:

EC-14-2020-0001 (ABAR)

I2-14-2020-0003 (Wedekind)

C2-14-2020-0004 (Stockdale)

C2-07-2020-0005 (Stonesifer)

C2-14-2020-0006 (Eveler)

C1-04-2020-0007 (Playtime Corp.)

EC-04-2020-0009 (K&P Resource Recovery)

C3-04-2020-0012 (K&P Resource Recovery)

I2-04-2020-0013 (K&P Resource Recovery)

C2-04-2020-0010 (SMO, Inc.)

C2-04-2020-0011 (Tevis Real Estate, Inc.)

C2-09-2020-0014 (MAD Properties)

C2-06-2020-0015 (Graf)

I1-05-2020-0016 (Fogle)

C3-07-2020-0017 (844 Professional Center Condominium)

I2-09-2020-0018 (MT Laney)

C2-04-2020-0019 (JEMS)

C2-03-2020-0020 (Maryland Mallet)

C2-07-2020-0022 (Bokeh IV)

I2-11-2020-0023 (Finch Services)

C2-07-2020-0024 (Kyker)

EC-14-2020-0025 (Carroll County Government)

C1-03-2020-0027 (North Carroll Community School)

C2-05-2020-0028 (Long Meadow Farm/Beaty)

I2-04-2020-0029 (Roy Poole)

EC-13-2020-0030 (Colburn/Hulver/Bay)

C2-05-2020-0031 (Buckman)

C2-05-2020-0032 (Cimino)

There are several additional ways to submit comments, which must be submitted by 7:00 p.m. on December 3, 2020 to be considered:

  1. Comments can be submitted by using this link: Submit Your Comments.
  2. Residents can email comments directly to the Carroll County Department of Planning at ccplanning@carrollcountymd.gov.
  3. Comments can also be mailed to the Carroll County Department of Planning, 225 North Center Street, Westminster, MD 21157.

For more information, to join the email list and to leave a comment please go to carrollrezoning.org.