For more information, contact:
Andrew C. Watcher, Chief
Carroll County Bureau of Utilities

Sykesville, MD, Friday, June 26, 2020 – The Bureau of Utilities is pleased to announce that construction activity for the Schoolhouse Road Pumping Station and Force Main Project has been completed and that the pumping station is now operational and in service.

This project included the construction of a sewer pump station near the Schoolhouse Road cul-de-sac and 1,600 feet of sanitary force main from the pump station to a manhole structure on Oklahoma Avenue in the vicinity of Main Street. The project was undertaken to bypass and eliminate an aging and problematic section of the County’s sewer system in the southwest area of Sykesville, bounded by the Patapsco River to the south and the CSX railroad to the north. Frequent maintenance activity has been required in recent years to keep this sewer main in operation. The improvement project eliminates a major inflow and infiltration concern for County staff and will provide adequate service to the western portion of the sewage service area for the foreseeable future.