Westminster, MD, Friday, March 5, 2021 – The Carroll County Board of Commissioners join Governor Hogan and other local leaders in commemorating Friday, March 5th as a day of remembrance in honor of the many Marylanders and Carroll Countians who lost their lives due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  March 5th marks the one-year anniversary of the state’s first confirmed cases of COVID-19 and State of Emergency.

A twilight ceremony will be held at the State House in Annapolis on Friday evening, and in coordination with local leaders, buildings across the state will be lit with an amber hue. Carroll County will participate by shining amber light on the front of the Carroll County Main Office Building at 225 N. Center Street on Friday night. Members of the public are encouraged to join Governor Hogan’s ceremony virtually via his Facebook and YouTube live stream.

“A year ago, life as we knew it changed, “ said Commissioner Ed Rothstein.  “It is important to join our fellow Marylanders across the state to pause and  remember the loved ones we’ve lost this past year, reflect on the losses and challenges that continue, and show gratitude and praise to all those who are in harm’s way and fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.”

All are cautioned to not let pandemic fatigue prevent keeping yourself and others safe. Continue practicing COVID-19 safety basics by wearing a mask, maintaining the 6-foot distance, and washing hands or using hand sanitizer. Don’t let pandemic fatigue prevent you from keeping yourself and others safe.