The Mission of the Transit Advisory Council (TAC) is to advocate for and assist with the implementation of the Carroll County Transportation
Development Plan (TDP).

DaVida Anderson                      October 31, 2025         1st Term
Ms. Danielle Gattine                  September 30, 2026    1st Term
Jennifer Graybill                        July 31, 2025              2nd Term
Chuck Kinney, Jr.                       October 31, 2025         1st Term
Michael Rodgers                        October 31, 2025         1st Term
Kristin Saurborn                        October 31, 2025         1st Term
Louis Yeager                              June 30, 2025             3rd Term

Commissioner Kenneth Kiler ~ Appointed Non-Voting Member

Stacey Nash
Transportation Grants Coordinator

CBS May 28, 2023