The Communications Office provides timely, accurate information about county government programs, news, projects, events, and issues in a transparent manner. Carroll County recognizes the importance of communicating directly to citizens about programs and services that add value to you and the community. To that end, we utilize a variety of communication tools including the county website, Carroll Connect, social media, Comcast Channel 24, digital signage, and traditional media to keep you informed. We are committed to proactively communicating with the citizens to encourage a better-informed public with greater opportunity for citizen engagement across multiple platforms.

Key Staff:

A Communications Office was established by the Board of County Commissioners in 2017. This office consists of two staff that work together to facilitate and manage communications from the County Commissioner’s Office. 

A Communications Manager oversees the board’s communication initiatives, handles media communications, develops and plans the overall county communications strategy concerning internal and external messaging, and coordinates communication activities and outreach efforts. The Communications Manager’s other duties include, but are not limited to: performing as a county spokesperson; representing the county at public events; and writing, editing, and distributing press releases, newsletters, articles, speeches, and other materials.

The Digital Communications Manager/Webmaster disseminates and promotes information regarding Carroll County Government by arranging joint information systems for media distribution in multiple formats, including; press releases, social media networking outlets, programming for Carroll County Government Cable Channel 24, County Web Meeting Portal, county website, and; traditional media outlets. The Digital Media Manager is the administrator for the county website. 

Contact information:

Carroll Connect