Proposed financial hardship exemption criteria:
o Only owner-occupied residential property will be eligible for Bay Restoration Fee exemption
o Property owner must be receiving the Homeowners’ Property Tax Credit.
o The applicant must also meet one additional condition:
                   o Receiving energy assistance subsidy;
                   o Receiving public assistance-supplemental security income (SSI) or food stamps;
                   o Receiving veterans or social security disability benefits;

Application Procedure and forms:
o Completion of Bay Restoration Fee hardship exemption application form.
o Proof the applicant resides at the property.

Required Supporting Documentation:
o Copy of tax bill or proof of Homeowners’ Property Tax Credit approval.
o Copy of energy bill, benefit check, or other documentation of receiving one of the above benefits.

Exemption time-period:
o Maximum of one year based on fiscal year July 1st through June 30th.
o Applicant must request exemption renewal.
o County will send applications to previously qualified property owners.

Estimated number of residential users qualifying for exemption:
o Approximately 1,800 maximum, based on the number of properties
receiving Homeowners’ Property Tax Credit

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