Traditional Pension

Carroll County Government provides a traditional pension plan to all eligible employees. Employees can generally retire at age 62 with at least seven years of service, or after 30 years of service regardless of age. Non law enforcement, correctional or fire/EMS employees are required to contribute 5% of their base pay to the Plan.

Law Enforcement, Correctional Officers and Fire/EMS employees are eligible for the Carroll County Public Safety Pension Plan.  Employees must contribute 8% of their base pay to the plan and are 100% vested after 15 years of eligible service.  Normal retirement is at 25 years of service or age 55 (so long as the employee has at least 15 years of eligible service). 

401(k) Plan

The County also offers a voluntary 401(k) Savings and Investment Plan to which employees can make pre-tax or “Roth” after-tax contributions for retirement. Minimum contribution is 1% of base pay.

457 Deferred Compensation Plan

A voluntary 457 Deferred Compensation Plan to which employees can make pre-tax contributions for retirement is also offered. Minimum contribution is $10 per pay.

* Note: Employees may contribute to more than one Plan simultaneously within IRS limitations.