The Carroll County Grants Office offers a unique service to County agencies and non-profits within Carroll County that are seeking grant funding. The Grants Office will assist with research, screening, development, editing and management to help you submit a successful grant application.

The Grants Office staff monitors grant notices both on-line and in an array of written publications to keep abreast of possible grant opportunities. Contact is also ongoing with state and federal agencies to stay informed about their grant programs. Notices of grant opportunities are sent via e-mail directly to appropriate agencies. In addition, grants with broader interest are listed in the monthly newsletter, Grantsline, which is posted on the Grants Office Web Page. The Grants Office can also conduct a customized search of state and federal agencies, as well as private foundations for a specific funding need.

The Grants Office will screen the grant criteria to be sure there is a good fit between the grant and the proposed program. The Grants Office will then help develop a realistic timeline and explain the process your application will go through, particularly if County government is a partner.

As you develop your application, the Grants Office can continue as an active partner. Attending strategy sessions, reviewing drafts and researching background information are all roles the Grants Office can play to help you develop your proposal.

Given the complexity of many grants, grant seekers often take advantage of the office's editing services. The grants staff can thoroughly review the application and address the following areas:

Have all sections of the application been adequately addressed? Does the narrative answer the application requirements? Does the narrative use proper grammar and spelling?
Is the application in the proper order and does it include all attachments?

Is the budget accurate? Are all appropriate costs included? Is the budget narrative understandable? If required, are adequate matching funds identified?

Are outcome measures required? Are the outcomes reasonable, measurable and appropriate for the program?

If appropriate, have all County agencies signed the application including the attorney, the budget analyst, and the commissioners or their designee?

Have you addressed sustaining your program should grant funds decline or end? Does the grant seeker understand the legal requirements of the grant?

Once the grant is awarded, the Grants Office will assist County agencies in setting up the grant in the County's Financial Management System.  The Grants Office can help agencies with progress reports and answer questions about managing grant funds upon request.