Below you will find some general guidelines for ensuring that new construction, as well as alterations and renovations of existing buildings, are in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Carroll County is required by law to enforce the Maryland Accessibility Code without modifications. If you have any questions about compliance with accessibility codes, please call the Bureau of Permits and Inspections at 410-386-2674.

  1. New construction, alterations, additions to, or a change of use of buildings and facilities shall comply with the Maryland Accessibility Code and all federal accessibility regulations (Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines).
  2. No alterations shall be undertaken which decrease or have the effect of decreasing accessibility or usability of a building or facility below the requirements for new construction at the time of alteration.
  3. If existing elements, spaces or common areas are altered, then each such altered element shall comply with the minimum requirement for new construction.
  4. An alteration to areas containing the primary function of an existing entity shall be made so as to ensure that to the maximum extent feasible, the path of travel to the altered areas is readily accessible to and is safe by individuals with disabilities. The area of a building or facility containing a major activity for which the building or facility is intended is a primary function area. Alterations made to provide an accessible path of travel to the altered area will be deemed disproportionate to the overall alteration when the cost exceeds 20% of the cost of the alteration to the primary function. 

    Examples of path of travel to a primary function are:
    1. An accessible entrance.
    2. An accessible route to the altered area.
    3. At least one accessible restroom for each sex or a single unisex restroom.
    4. Accessible parking.
    5. Drinking fountain.

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