Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

"What projects require a work permit from the HPC?"

Any construction, alteration, repair or demolition that occurs on any property located within the Historic District Overlay that involves exterior changes that is or will be visible from a publicly maintain road requires a work permit. Some of the projects that require a permit include repairing roofs, relocating a structure, new construction, replacing siding, shutters or windows, removal and replacement of trees, and the installation of a fence.

"How and where do I apply for a public hearing?"

The application process begins in the Office of Administrative Hearings located at the County Office Building, 225 North Center Street, Room 113. Staff is available daily from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. to explain the process, answer questions, and offer assistance on the completion of the required forms. Please note that applications for the Historic Preservation Commission must be submitted at least 10 days prior to next scheduled meeting in order to get onto the agenda.

"Where can I obtain a copy of the design guidelines?"

The Office of Administrative Hearings, located at 225 N. Center Street, Room 113, Westminster, Maryland 21157, can provide you with copies of the current design guidelines, or the can be obtained on this website by clicking on Design Guidelines under the Links to Other Documents section. Additionally, the Office of Administrative Hearings also stores all past applications that have been presented to the Historic Preservation Commission and are available for review

"What occurs at a public hearing?"

A public hearing is your opportunity to present your application to the Historic Preservation Commission. You may present testimony, documents, and/or samples of materials you propose to use in support of your application. First, the Commission determines whether there is sufficient information contained in the application to consider it to be complete. If it is determined that the application is incomplete, the applicant will be required to amend their application and resubmit it for consideration at a future meeting. If the application is complete, the Commission will then determine whether to approve or deny the application. Other interested parties, such as adjoining property owners, attending the hearing are also given an opportunity to speak regarding your application.

"Do I need an attorney to present my case to the Historic Preservation Commission?"

The presence of an attorney is not required. An applicant may present his or her own case. However, if the matter is complex, you may wish to be represented by an attorney.

"How may I prepare myself for an appearance before the Historic Preservation Commission?"

You should review the Commission's Design Guidelines prior to submitting your application. The Design Guidelines will assist you in determining what the Commission will be looking for in your application, i.e., the style, materials, etc. . . . Additionally, the applications have recently been updated and set forth the HPC's expectations as to what should be submitted with your application. Finally, you may also review prior applications that have been approved, and may wish to attend a hearing when the Commission is considering an application.

"May I appeal a Historic Preservation Commission decision?"

Yes. Any person aggrieved by a HPC decision has the right to appeal to the Carroll County Board of Zoning Appeals within 30 days of the Commission's decision.