The Maryland General Assembly enacted legislation in 2021 that requires all counties to create and staff local Police Accountability Boards and Administrative Charging Committees to serve local law enforcement agencies.  The Carroll County Police Accountability Board consists of 5 members appointed by the County Commissioners including a chairperson who possesses relevant experience and 2 members recommended by the Carroll County Chapter of the Maryland Municipal League.  This board will hold not less than quarterly meetings with the heads of local law enforcement agencies and work to improve matters of policing.  The Carroll County Charging Committee consists of 5 members, including the chairperson of the Police Accountability Board, 2 members appointed by the County Commissioners, and 2 members selected by the Police Accountability Board.  This Board meets periodically as needed to review the findings of the local law enforcement agencies regarding complaints of police misconduct and to determine whether or not to charge the officer who is the subject of the complaint.  Members of the Police Accountability Board and the Administrative Charging Committee shall serve a term of 2 years and shall not be eligible for reappointment after a total of 4 years of service.

2023 End-of-Year Report

Questions about the new board can be directed to County Attorney Tim Burke at

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