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What is Chronic Conditions Self-Management?
This researched and proven program is designed to help you manage your health. With mutual support in weekly workshops, you can build confidence to set your own goals and put new problem-solving skills to work in your own life. Adults who have health problems and family members caring for loved ones with a chronic condition are encouraged to attend!
These small group workshops are led by two trained facilitators and meet for
2½ hours once a week for six weeks. The workshop does not replace existing treatments but serves to complement a participant’s current medical plan.

Topics Include:

•What is Self-Management?
•Setting Short-Term Goals
•Healthy Eating
•Pain Management
•Stress and Depression Management
•Using your Mind to Manage Symptoms
•Planning for the Future
•Relaxation Techniques
•Managing Difficult Emotions
•Partnering with your Health Provider
•Communication Skills
•Making Decisions
•Medication Usage

What’s in it for me? People who have taken the workshop show:
•Better health and increased confidence in managing their symptoms
•Improvements in general health and wellbeing
•Increase in exercise and physical activity
•Better communication with physicians and family
•Fewer doctor and emergency room visits and fewer hospitalizations

Did you know?
•Nearly 92% of older adults have at least one chronic condition.
•Chronic conditions account for 75% of the money our nation spends on health care.
•4 chronic conditions – heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes – cause almost 66%of all deaths each year.

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