Oral and dental health is an important part of “whole person” health care.

Access Carroll offers comprehensive dental care for individuals and family members of all ages, including:

  • diagnostic studies
  • preventative hygiene
  • restorative
  • dentures
  • emergency extractions

Access to dental care for low-income residents has been a long-recognized problem in Carroll County. Until the Access Carroll Family Dental Clinic, patients could only access emergency extraction services, with hundreds on waiting lists. As part of the dream for expanded care services, Access Carroll provides full-time comprehensive dental services for individuals and family members of all ages, including diagnostic studies, preventative hygiene, restorative, emergency extractions… and dentures!

Services are provided on a sliding fee scale, and we accept public assistance programs.  Monday – Friday, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. Located at 10 Distillery Drive, Suite 200, Westminster – 410-871-1478 – info@accesscarroll.org


Dental care is either unavailable, or is an unaffordable luxury, for most individuals that we serve. Mission of Mercy patients usually arrive at our clinic sites with significant decay, infection, and pain. Untreated infections are the most serious concern, as they can lead to illness or death. Extractions and filings are the remedy for most patients, and healing is usually swift.

Mission of Mercy’s dental program operates a state-of-the-art Mobile Dental Unit that is equipped with 2 dental operators and a prep chair. Mobile Clinic Calendar and Locations

Licensed Dentists and Dental Assistants provide our patients with fillings and extractions, a dental exams, x-rays and instructions on proper dental hygiene. When available, toothbrushes and dental floss are also provided.

Patients are seen by appointment.  To make an appointment for the Taneytown Mobile Unit call 410-833-5870. (Taneytown Mobile Unit Location: Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church, 38 West Baltimore Street, Taneytown, MD)

For more information on Mission of Mercy, their services, clinics, locations, and partnerships, please visit; call 301-682-5683; or email