In partnership with Carroll Community College, a course is available to provide caregivers helpful information to care for a loved one in the comfort of their own home. Information provided and skills learned include:

  • Basic Daily Care - Learn how to safely, comfortably and appropriately care for your loved one at home. This course provides a caregiver in the home with the skills to assist with daily personal care. Topics include preparing the home, basic supplies, bathing, nail, foot and mouth care. Observe and participate in hands on practice in our nursing lab.
  • Fall Prevention & Safety - Taking care of someone at home can be physically challenging for the caregiver as well as his or her loved one. This course prepares the caregiver to become safety conscious. Learn to be aware of unsafe conditions, correct the condition and take precautions to avoid problems. Practice moving your loved one within the home, such as from bed to chair or wheelchair to toilet using techniques to avoid injuring yourself or your loved one.
  • Be On the Look Out: Health Monitoring - Caring for a loved one in the home presents day-to-day challenges. This course provides helpful information for caregivers on the complications of decreased mobility, recognizing common illnesses such as a UTI, medication management, bladder and bowel concerns, changes in mental status and other body systems. Learn about adaptive equipment, supplies and support that can ease some of the daily challenges.

This course is held on a Saturday and cost is $35 with limited scholarships available for those who qualify. Call Mary Jane Overby at 410-386-3833 regarding scholarships.

For information on upcoming course dates or to register, visit and search for Hands on Skills for Caregivers. Or, call Continuing Education and Training at 410-386-8100.