The Department of Land & Resource Management (LRM) is proposing revisions to a number of the Code chapters that are implemented by LRM.  The majority of the proposed revisions are housekeeping changes intended to clarify provisions, simplify provisions for easier understanding, add standard provisions that are missing, and/or create a better structure to the content.  Additionally, revisions proposed for Chapters 153 and 38 provide an opportunity for property owners to receive a greater discount on their flood insurance rates.  The proposed revisions to Chapter 150 Forest Conservation represent the most substantive changes among the chapters. 

Click on the link to the Summary Presentation below for an overview of the revisions for each chapter.  Below are links to the proposed revisions for each chapter.  The clean copy shows the final text as proposed to be adopted.  The Track Changes version shows the changes made to the text currently in place. 

LRM staff are presenting the revisions to various groups and soliciting feedback.   The proposed revisions are anticipated to go to the Board of County Commissioners for discussion and consideration in mid-September 2021.  The Board will hold a public hearing on the proposed revisions prior to adoption.

  • July 7, August 4:  Agriculture Preservation Advisory Board
  • July 21:  DIS Surveyors Meeting
  • Jul 28:  Water Resource Coordination Council
  • August 17:  Planning & Zoning Commission
  • August 18:  Environmental Advisory Council
  • September 15:  Carroll County Farm Bureau
  • Mid-September – October 2021:  County Commissioners

General feedback may be directed to Brenda Dinne at or 410-386-2140.  Specific questions on the proposed revisions on individual chapters may be directed to the following:


Ch 153, 38:  Floodplain, Building Code 
Ch 154:  Water Resource 
Water Resource Manual

Pat Varga


Ch 150:  Forest Conservation

Jon Bowman


Ch 159:  Agricultural Land Preservation 
Ch 160:  Right to Farm

Brenda Dinne

JP Smith