If your property does not meet the qualifications of any programs offered, you may be able to donate or sell a conservation easement to a nonprofit conservation organization called a land trust. If your land has conservation value and at least one building right to retire, donating an easement can provide tax benefits in addition to protecting the environmental attributes of the land.

The Maryland Environmental Trust (MET) or the Carroll County Land Trust (CCLT) will work with you to complete the necessary documentation. In addition to potential income tax benefits at the state and federal level, a local Carroll County property tax credit is available for donated easements.

Carroll County Land Trust:
410 848-8247

Maryland Environmental Trust (MET):

• Website: Tax Benefits of Conservation Easement Donations, Maryland Environmental Trust (MET)
• Document: MET Model Deed of Conservation Easement
• Document: Tax Benefits for Donating a Conservation Easement on Your Property, Carroll County Land Trust, July 16, 2018