The purpose of this document is to outline Carroll County's plan for the management of wastes generated in the County now and in the future. The Solid Waste Management Plan will provide the County with a plan for safe and adequate management for the County's solid waste for the ten-year planning period. Carroll County first developed its Plan in 1979. It was updated in 1983, 1996, 1999, 2002, 2006, and 2016.

Current regulations (COMAR 26.03.03) governing the development of solid waste management plans, require the Plan to address waste management and recycling for a period of at least ten years. This Plan provides for the mandated ten years of management and addresses options for management well into the future. At a minimum, the Plan will be reviewed, and updated if necessary, at least every three years.

This Solid Waste Management Plan has been prepared in accordance with current State regulations (COMAR 26.03.03). The Plan is divided into five chapters. The first chapter presents the legal and institutional framework, including County goals and objectives. Chapter Two presents County physiographic, land use and demographic data. Chapter Three outlines the current solid waste management system operating in the County and presents data on solid waste trends and projections. Chapter Four details the evaluation of current and future alternative programs and technologies for solid waste management in the County. Chapter Five presents the implementation plan, schedule, and costs for implementing the Plan.

Ten Year Solid Waste Management Plan Document