Public Assembly Permits

The Carroll County Commissioners recognize and support the public’s right of assembly and free speech and to utilize designated public facilities for such purpose.

The County has an important and compelling governmental interest in protecting property, public safety, health and welfare and controlling the use of public facilities.

It is the intent of the Carroll County Commissioners to accommodate public rights of speech and assembly consistent with that governmental interest by establishing procedures, terms and conditions for use of public areas and facilities for such purposes.

A Public Assembly Permit is required when any group/person wishes to conduct a demonstration, speech-making, marching, picketing, collecting signatures for petitions, campaigning, etc.

  1. All requests for public assembly permits must be made in writing on the approved form (available online at a minimum of 14 days but no more than 3 months prior to the date of the proposed activity
  2. In Carroll County parks, public assemblies are restricted to the designated areas at Piney Run Park, Carroll County Sports Complex and Hashawha Environmental Center
  3. Permits will be issued on a first come, first serve basis with a maximum of one (1) permit issued per date
  4. Public assemblies may only take place during normal park hours
  5. Signs or placards are limited to those made of cardboard, poster board, or cloth and shall be attended to at all times. No sign or placard shall at any time be tied, fastened, or otherwise attached to any post, fence, tree, sign, refuse receptacle or other structure in park.
  6. No public address systems, megaphones or any type of amplification device are permitted
  7. Public assemblies shall not interfere with normal public use of the park or pedestrian flow.
  8. The permit holder of a public assembly permit is responsible for providing all power, equipment, furniture or other items needed for their use.
  9. Permit holders (and their representatives) may not solicit or approach park visitors outside of the designated public assembly area.
  10. The permit holder is responsible for cleaning the public assembly area upon the completion of the event
  11. If your request is approved, a Public Assembly Permit will be issued to you. You must sign the Public Assembly Permit upon receipt and have it available for inspection during your public assembly. Please check in with park staff prior to beginning your public assembly.

Please return all completed applications to: Carroll County Recreation & Parks, 300 South Center Street, Westminster, MD 21157 or apply online at