What is a Trash Free Park?

Maryland State parks have a track record of success implementing this concept.  A Trash Free Park is a solid waste management strategy of removing trash bins from all or sections of a park. Visitors are expected to carry out the trash they generate and dispose of it properly at home or at another appropriate destination. We want to foster a partnership between the visitors and the parks by encouraging all visitors to help maintain clean parks, reduce solid waste within a park, and embrace the ideas of reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Five locations within Carroll County Department of Recreation and Parks are a trash free park:

  • Double Pipe Creek
  • Landon C. Burns
  • North Carroll Community Pond
  • Westminster Community Pond
  • Westminster Veterans Memorial Park

What do we do with our trash in the park?

You are responsible for removing all trash and recycling for proper disposal when you leave the park. We encourage you to come prepared when you visit: bring the materials you will need to package and carry your trash out of the park when you depart.