Nine members are appointed by the County Commissioners to four-year, staggered terms. They generally represent a cross-section of interests, such as agricultural, business, development, environmental communities and citizens at large, and have varied backgrounds.

MEMBER                                                   EXPIRATION DATE

Mr. Curtis B. Barrett                                   February 1, 2023
Ms. L. Ellen Cutsail                                     June 30, 2021
Mr. Jesse Drummond                                  January 31, 2020
Mr. David W. Hynes                                    September 30, 2019
Ms. Natalie Kartalia                                    July 31, 2019
Ms. Charlene M. Norris                               January 31, 2020
Mr. Craig K. Paskoski, Vice Chair                 October 31, 2021
Ms. Tiffany J. VanDerwerker                        June 30, 2021
Mr. Frank V. Vleck, Chair                            January 31, 2021