Every other year, Carroll County Environmental Advisory Council (EAC) awards recognition to individuals or groups for their actions demonstrating environmental stewardship.  The goal of the Environmental Action Awards program is to foster community environmental stewardship through leadership and action by encouraging and recognizing community members and groups who voluntarily initiate projects, actions, and leadership to improve the environment and/or facilitate sustainability of natural resources. 

Awards are presented to individuals and groups chosen from nominees submitted for consideration by their peers, although self-nominations are accepted.  Awards are granted for endeavors and projects that result in a positive benefit to the environment and have the potential for long-term community environmental benefit in each of three categories:  Educational Outreach, Positive Practices, and Student Engagement.


The Nomination Guidelines & Eligibility Criteria describe who is eligible, the three award categories and types of projects this fit each, submission requirements, and other information related to submitting a nomination.  For the 2023 cycles, nominations opened on Earth Day, April 22, 2023.  See Documents & Links for 2023 Awards below to view the Nomination Guidelines & Eligibility Criteria.

The next Environmental Action Awards cycle will be held in 2025.  Start thinking now about what you might be able to do in the next two years that would be worthy of nomination.  Check the EAC website early in 2025 for nomination information.  The 2023 Nomination Guidelines & Eligibility Criteria can be used as a guide for those who are interested in completed projects or initiatives for nomination in 2025. 

Award Winners

The 2023 Award winners are as follows:

  • Student Engagement – Ashlynn Kief.  Ashlynn received a $1,000 scholarship awarded by Spot-On Engineering Solutions, Inc. + a $50 gift basket from JeannieBird Baking Company.  Ashlynn designed and built a book-sharing box for Charlotte’s Quest Nature Center, which diverts unwanted books from the landfill.  She funded the project by holding an upcycled art fundraiser and soliciting book donations.  Ms. Kief constructed The Little Free Library with repurposed materials and incorporated a monarch butterfly awareness.  She also founded a non-profit named The Book People Project. Her efforts supported her goal of providing free access to reading.
  • Student Engagement Runner Up – Patrick Grundy.  Patrick received a $500 scholarship awarded by Atlantic Blue Water Services.  Patrick constructed an informational sign at Piney Run Park. After clearing the invasive species for the sign area, he helped build and install the sign.  He also developed a public education piece on invasive garlic mustard, which was approved by Piney Run Park and included on the signage.
  • Student Engagement Honorable Mention – Emelia Neff.  Emmy received a Certificate in recognition of her work.  Emmy organized and ran an environmental education event for children in Mount Airy as part of the Mount Airy Green Fair. She collected recyclables and developed models of sample crafts for inspiration to participants at the Fair.  She solicited the help of clubs at her high school to help put on the event. 
  • Positive Practices – Friends of Liberty Reservoir (FoLR).  A $275 gift card to Sun Nurseries, Inc. was awarded to the group + a $50 gift basket from JeannieBird Baking Company.  FoLR formed to promote and support recreation around the Liberty Reservoir. Part of their mission is the reopening of trails that have been de-commissioned by the Baltimore City Department of Public Works.  The group’s regular trail cleanup efforts have resulted in tons of litter and trash removal, which helps advance this initiative.  FoLR implemented public outreach regarding invasive plants along the trails and produced a map of recently restored trails.  The group collaborates with Baltimore City and Carroll County to further their goal and has also initiated several other outreach efforts as well.
  • Educational Outreach – John Hubbs.  John received a $75 gift card and a gift basket from Sun Nurseries, Inc. + $50 gift basket from JeannieBird Baking Company.  Mr. Hubbs has long been a leader in environmental initiatives in Carroll County and an integral member of many environmental education initiatives. He is a Master Gardener, restarted the Carroll County Bay-Wise Committee, and supported the Grow-It-Eat-It classes and training. He worked to establish the Friends of Krimgold Park, which actively helps keep the park clean and produces outreach materials and regular newsletters. He led an effort to help manage beaver ponds, install bird boxes, and monarch way stations.  John also played a key role in Earth Day events organized in 2022 and 2023.

Presentation of awards took place as part of the 2023 Environmental Symposium on October 28, 2023.   

Ashlynn Kief
Ashlynn Kief was the winner of the Student Engagement award and received a $1,000 scholarship from Spot-On Engineering Solutions. Patrick Grundy was the runner-up for the Student Engagement award and received a $500 scholarship from Atlantic Blue Water Services of Westminster.
Friends of Liberty Reservoir John Hubbs
Friends of Liberty Reservoir was the winner of the Positive Practices award.  Stephanie Brennan and Judy Thacher accepted the award.  The group received a gift card and gift basket from Sun Nurseries and a gift basket from JeannieBird Baking Company. John Hubbs was the winner of the Educational Outreach award and received a gift card and gift basket from Sun Nurseries and a gift basket from JeannieBird Baking Company.

Thank you to our awards sponsors!    

EAC Sponsors- Atlantic Blue, Sun Nurseries, Jeannie Bird Bakery


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