The 2013 Finksburg Corridor Plan is an update to the 1981 Finksburg Area and Environs Comprehensive Plan. It reflects the desires expressed by residents and business people to enhance their community. Chief among these are the desire to remove the Community Planning Area (CPA) designation from the area outside of the designated Finksburg Corridor, enhance the aesthetics and traffic flow in the MD 140 corridor, and protect the integrity of the area's environmental resources.

The Finksburg Corridor Plan focuses on a much smaller area, addressing only the MD 140 corridor from the County line west to approximately Kays Mill Road. The balance of the 1981 CPA is addressed through the 2014 Carroll County Master Plan.

Sustainable Communities Designation

On behalf of the Finksburg Sustainable Community Workgroup the Department of Planning is applying for aSustainable Communities designation for the Finksburg Corridor Area (Priority Funding Area). This designation would help to implement the Finksburg Corridor Plan.

On Thursday, December 14th the BCC voted to Adopt the Finksburg Priority Funding Area as a Sustainable Community.

The next step will be to submit the Sustainable Communities application to the Maryland State Department of Housing and Community Development for review in January 2018.

For more information or questions regarding the Plan, please contact the Bureau of Comprehensive Planning or by calling 410-386-5145.